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What Would You Do?

Lately, I have been in a couple of conversations with both friends and clients on them being unhappy or dissatisfied with their current job. One friend asked me, "Pearly, do you think that COVID has made people unhappy with their jobs?". I briefly thought about it and replied, "I think people has already been unhappy with their jobs but COVID has amplified what they are already been feeling". Depending on the person, the next questions are usually as such:

Person: Then, what should I do?

Me: What do you want to do?

Person: Should I quit my job?

Me: Then, what do you want to do?

Person: ....I don't know.

The conversation above is not uncommon. I find that many people already have a gut feeling of what they would want to do but are restrained because of the "practicalities" of life (Don't get me wrong, in now way I am saying be fully irresponsible especially if you people depending on you for provision).

Hence, I would continue the conversation by asking a couple of questions:

What brings you life?

What excites you? What are you passionate about? Or what are the issues that pains you the most and compel you to do something about it? People tend to be a lil afraid that God has a "calling" for them that they do not like. I believe that God has uniquely created us. When He was crafting us and our calling, surely He would know what type of environment we would grow up in and eventually shaping our character, likes and dislikes. I do not believe that God does not care of our dreams and passions. He wants to co-create with us. I feel that the grace, favor and authority will increase in our lives when we fully walk in who we are and what we are meant to do.

What would it look like if you didn't have fear?

Often when we receive a good idea, our rational minds would kick in.

Fear of not being good enough.

Fear of resources.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear that God won't come through.

Fear of mistakes.

And the idea dies before we can germinate it with faith, prayers and a community that believes in us. What if we didn't have fear and we bring it to the Lord before our logical mind kills it with the need to know every step and detail. Often times, God doesn't give us the whole blueprint but He will guide us step by step. What an exciting faith-fun-filled adventure with The Shepherd who knows all things and highly protective over us!

How can what you want to do benefit the world?

And this does not mean working in a church or being a missionary in Timbaktu. It could be working in a 9- 5pm corporate job but being the best encourager in your workplace. It could be a job that creates jobs for others to feed their families. There are endless ways to live a life that is beyond ourselves. Just know that you are a gift to the world that needs you, your voice, your creativity!

What would you do if money wasn't an issue?

The last and almost difficult question to answer as there are so many concerns and uncertainties when it comes to money. Because we need to be "realistic" about it. To be honest, this has been something I have been pondering about as well. It's a continuous journey of surrendering and putting my trust in God. Rely on myself? Strive? Try to make things happen on my own strength or by the world's system? Did that, done that. Not a great idea. What would it look like resting, fully knowing that God has your back? A sneak peak to my raw conversation with God a couple of days ago...

"Well God, since You put this passion in me, technically it's Your fault. Hence, its Your responsibility! I really need You to come through for me. God, I really need to know, will You come through for me this time, like You have always done?"

And He did!! The next day, as I was having lunch with a couple friend, they suddenly handed me an envelope of cash!! I was shocked and almost in tears (*crying emoticon x3*).

And the next day, another person banked in the EXACT AMOUNT I received from the day before. Without any explanation, he just annotated in the comments, "Seed capital" (*crying emoticon x10,000*). How crazy is that?!

God is faithful and true. He is inviting us to a journey of trust and faith. If He has laid something in your heart, He will equip, He will provide, He will make a way. Never allow money to be the reason why you wouldn't do what He has placed in your heart.

What will you do? Will you accept His invitation? :)


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