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Corporate Training, Workshops & Speaking Engagements


Corporate Training

A non- boring, interactive, fruitful and practical time with me. As a person who has attended gazillion trainings in my corporate life, I am a person absolutely dislikes (1) being bored for 2 hours learning about fluffy concepts (2) going away empty-handed and not being able to apply anything in my life after sitting for 2 hours. I offer topics such as: 

(1) Culture of Honor in the Workplace

(2) Leadership (and Self- Leadership)

(3) Coaching to Improve Employee Performance

(4) Healthy Communication and Boundaries in the Workplace

(5) Understanding Your Team and Strategically Growing Them

(6) Conflict Resolution

(7) Navigating Grief or the Aftermath of a Global Pandemic

(8) Identifying trigger and overcoming them

Open to have corporate training in person or over Zoom

Price is depending on number of hours, participants and your objectives.
Email to enquire!

Corp Training

Church Speaking Engaments

You may also contact me for speaking engagements. Throughout the years, I have had the honor in speaking in churches, conferences, workshops, schools and even over the radio (ha!)

Topics that I love to share on:

  • Hearing the voice of God and the prophetic 

  • Overcoming insecurities and fear

  • Renewing of the mind

  • Loving yourself well

  • Abundance mindset: favor and financial stewardship

  • Experiencing healing in your body and soul (training on Sozo)

  • Culture of honor and having healthy relationships

Open to speaking in person or over Zoom

Email to enquire!

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