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Life Coaching

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Personal Session

A personal session with me usually runs for about an hour to an hour and a half. We will go through your goals and what you want to achieve through our coaching sessions. Depending on your needs, we will explore whether a once-off session is sufficient or a number of sessions is best for you. Only opt for this if you are ready to make a commitment and take ownership of yourself (which may require completing some homework ;))

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your experiences in this area?

I feel like I have been doing this informally my whole life! Friends, acquaintances, co-workers (fun fact: when I was 17, my high school teacher even came to me with her marriage struggles :O) often come to me for advice and support. I am trained under Bethel Certified Transformational Coach program (a world-class coach training organization). Part of our requirements to be a certified coach is to have at least 60 coaching hours with our clients.

How will a session look like?

I will be asking powerful questions as I believe that you already have what it takes to overcome your obstacles. I WILL NOT be fixing your problems or telling you what to do. 

What is your commitment as my coach?

  • 100% confidentiality, a safe space for you to be vulnerable and be your authentic self

  • It will be a judgement, shame-free zone

  • Identify any self-limiting patterns and beliefs, helping you understand why you do what you do and empower you to create new, life-giving patterns

  • Work with you to stay on track and overcome actions that sabotage your desires, plans, and dreams

  • Provide you with a new perspective and provide you feedback

  • 100% believe in who you are and what you can do

I would like to hire you as my coach but I don't know which part of my life I should focus on!

You are not alone! As humans, we have many needs and areas that we want to grow in. We can go through a simple assessment during one of first coaching call and we can then decide which area is of a priority for you. 

I would like to some coaching in my career. What are your work experiences and areas of speciality? 

Refer to my lengthy professional bio in the "About" tab :D 

Here are some areas that are of my expertise:

  • Self- leadership and leading a team

  • Resolving conflicts

  • Healthy work culture

  • Operations Risks and Compliance

  • Process improvements - streamlining processes to achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness

  • Exploring your passions and working towards it

  • Identifying triggers at workplace and overcoming them

I would like to schedule a session. However I am not able to pay for it right now.

No worries, just drop me an email or DM me on my Instagram, and we will work out something. I am currently setting up a pay forward system where other people can pay in advance for others :)

Whats the difference between an inner healing and a coaching session?

Essentially, inner healing focuses on the past and present. Coaching focuses on the present and the future. Also inner healing sessions are more for Christians and those who are open to conversing with Jesus.

Terms and Conditions

(1)Sessions can be held physically in Johor Bahru or Singapore (prior arrangement required) or held over Zoom.

(2) For international clients, please ensure that I receive the amounts quoted (ie. nett of international transfer fees and foreign exchange cost).

(3) All packages will be valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

(4) A no-show without any prior notification will be charged a session.

JJ came to me for a coaching session because she was overwhelmed with her financial situation and she could barely meet her monthly rental commitments. During the session, we unpacked her fears, her passions, skills, ideas and her next steps. 6 months later, she has a full time job and in the midst of establishing her message therapy business. In her words, "I remember that session that we had- it was so healing to me that you would help me to dream. I’m so grateful"

(JJ, Aug 2021)

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