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Inner Healing

Personal Session

A personal session with me usually runs for about an hour to an hour and a half. Each session is different as each person is unique. While guided by tools, I do not use a fixed formula. Ultimately, we go wherever God guides and if you are comfortable with it.

1 Session: RM150

3 Sessions: RM390

5 Sessions: RM600

Loving You Series

Being someone who has received massive breakthrough after struggling with how I look for 10 years, this is an area that really fires me up to see people love themselves unconditionally. Join me for a 3 sessions series to experience this breakthrough for yourself!


 Hints that this may be for you:

  • The number on the weighing scale affects you

  • Constantly comparing yourself with others on Social Media

  • Constantly comforting yourself with food

  • Feeling guilty after eating ice cream

  • Constantly looking out for diets or supplements to aid weight loss

  • Eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia

This series will include 3 sessions (an hour each) with a mixture of inner healing and coaching approach:

Session 1: Reconciling with your body

Session 2: Reconciling with your heart

                Identifying triggers and resolving them

Session 3: Reconciling with food 

               Reconciling freedom and Science

3 Sessions: RM450

Grief: Embracing the New Normal

If you have lost someone that you love, you might feel that you are living in a nightmare. Unfortunately, unlike the typical nightmares, this one does not seem to end when you wake up. The endless tears, questions and regrets. Nothing seems more intense than having to never see the person again.

Yes, I understand what you are going through because I have been there when I suddenly lost my beloved mum when I was 17 years old.  It was a process of letting go, forgiveness and embracing the new normal. To have hope and joy even without mum with me now. Since then, I have turned my pain into purpose. I have been part of the Grace to Grieving Persons ("GGP") Outreach team (as featured in The Star Newspaper) and journeyed with many people in their grieving process through our grief support groups hosted by SIBKL. And I have seen people start to smile and laugh again at the end of the sessions. There is hope.

3 Sessions: RM390

5 Sessions: RM600

Terms and Conditions

(1) Due to government restrictions, all sessions will be held over Zoom for now.

(2) For international clients, please ensure that I receive the amounts quoted (ie. nett of international transfer fees and foreign exchange cost).

(3) All packages will be valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

(4) A no-show without any prior notification will be charged a session.

 “I signed up for a session with Pearly to gain more knowledge about nutrition, health and inner healing. I received so much more! Our first meeting I was shown the hidden root of why I had an eating disorder since I was 12 years old and Pearly was so gentle as she navigated me into past memories. I saw our Heavenly Father and I was led into deep healing in this place. I’ve felt so hopeless and stuck in my health for so long. Pearly has helped me begin a beautiful journey with myself and with Jesus to learn how to love my body and myself well. The next day- I already started feeling better about my body image!"
(JJ, 2021)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your experiences in this area?

I am a graduate from Bethel Supernatural School Ministry ("BSSM"), California where I spent a year in the inner healing Sozo training track under the co-founder Dawna Desilva and her team. Part of our track involves hours of practice and sitting in Sozo sessions at the Transformation Center in Redding. Since then, I have facilitated many sessions independently and am always blown away by the testimonies and breakthroughs experienced by my clients.

How will a session look like?

This session will be less of me talking, but guiding you to ask God questions and listening to what He says. We are also connecting your heart to what you know in your head. 

What if I can't hear God?

The Bible says in John 10:27, "My sheep will hear my voice". I believe that all of us can hear God's voice but may not necessarily know how or we may have believed in a lie that He doesn't speak to us. I've had clients who had walked away from God and was skeptical that God would speak to them. However, after their sessions they felt so loved and relieved, knowing that God still speaks to them.

Do I need more than one session to experience freedom?

Depending on where you're at, usually a session is highly effective for your breakthrough. However, think of it like an onion, where we are peeling layer by layer. Sometimes, God does not want us to dramatically go our deepest, darkest pain. Similarly, each time you have a session, you will feel lighter and lighter. We recommend at least a 2 weeks gap in between sessions. 

I would like to schedule a session. However I am not able to pay for it right now.

No worries, just drop me an email or DM me on my Instagram, and we will work out something. I am currently setting up a pay forward system where other people can pay in advance for others :)

I feel so light after my inner healing sessions! What should I do now?

Congratulations! That brings so much joy to my heart! If you are wanting to take a step further in walking to your destiny, you may schedule for a coaching session.

Whats the main difference between an inner healing and a coaching session?

Essentially, inner healing focuses on the past and present. Coaching focuses on the present and the future.

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